Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite Meaning, Benefits And Healing Properties

In 1786, a German geologist discovered this beautiful stone, Blue Apatite, which falls under the phosphate minerals category. You can find different Apatite variants including, yellow, green, blue, brown, or grey shades. However, the Blue Apatite is the most attractive one among others.

In addition, this beautiful stone can be found in different origins including, Madagascar, Brazil, Burma, Russia, and Mexico. Like other gemstones, Blue Apatite also has some stimulating effects and properties, so one who intends to wear it should start with precaution.

Remember, not every stone is made to wear for everyone, and one should learn the meaning and properties before starting to use it. Besides, you can wear or use the Blue Apatite in different ways and be perceived as a piece of jewelry. However, first, we learn the meaning and healing properties of Blue Apatite and decide whether it is the one for us to wear or not.

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Blue Apatite Meaning

Usually, the Blue Apatite is confused with other stones because of its structure and color. But, if you are lucky to find the original one, then know it means “to deceive.” It is a pretty motivational stone that promotes independence, growth, and ambitiousness.

Moreover, Blue Apatite also means to expand. By wearing this stone, you would develop new or exciting knowledge, explore different things, and experience self-insight.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite Symbolism

Blue Apatite is a pretty yet powerful stone that symbolizes improvement and support. A throat chakra would help you enhance your communication skills and achieve your life purposes without any fear. Also, it signifies knowledge and refinement. So, you will be acing your study goals with flying colors while improving your memory, self-development, and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, this stone also signifies management. Wearing a necklace with a Blue Apatite stone or a ring will help you manage your time, work, and life effectively. You would not feel left behind in different phases of your life.

Besides, creativity and problem-solving capabilities are also GODsend properties of this gemstone.

Now, we will explore in detail the purpose and healing properties of the Blue Apatite stone.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Wearing a beautiful stone as a piece of jewelry may add standards to your beauty. Still, there are also many benefits of wearing gemstones. Different stones have unique properties, and they can serve as a shield in sickness, a helping tool in a difficult situation, or just add harmony to your life.

Similarly, Blue Apatite has many healing properties. Beginners who are unsure of it can start using it by putting the stone under their pillow. In comparison, you can also use Blue Apatite stone as a throat chakra, necklace, or ring.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore how wearing a stone helps us in our physical problems.

Blue Apatite Physical Healing Properties

This exceptional stone can be used to treat several bones or teeth issues. Blue Apatite encourages the formation of cells in the body and helps in calcium absorption relatively fast than any medications. People suffering from low platelets problems can wear this stone and bring back their bodies on track.

Moreover, Blue Apatite is also helpful in cartilage repairing. Old-age people suffering from joint problems can also use this store for quick healing. Besides, it is also effective in treating high blood pressure and the organ purifying process.

Adults or working people who spend most of their time in front of the screens can also get this ideal stone for treating eyestrain. It can also improve their eyesight for working without headaches.

It is also ideal for improving metabolism as it is associated with controlling hunger and managing all glands inside the body. You will feel energetic, fresh, and full of life after wearing this unique gemstone.

Blue Apatite Emotional Healing Properties

If you are not motivated and find yourself procrastinating, get yourself a Blue Apatite stone to boost your energy level. It helps you in focusing and pushes you to do your best without any emotional exhaustion.

The gemstone also promotes self-consciousness and confidence, and it helps in anger management and sorrow. You would feel more hopeful, optimistic, and aware of your life.

Moreover, the stone is also correlated to the mind’s connection with your spirit. It is an ideal piece to wear if you want to experience a spiritual awakening. You will generate a self-acceptance attitude and will feel confident about your life decisions. Many people use this stone to know about their inner selves for satisfaction and fulfilling their life purposes.

Blue Apatite Chakra

Blue Apatite throat chakra is very beneficial for improving communication skills.

If you find yourself scared in raising your voice for something good and fear public speaking, get this gemstone and see developing the speaking skill in no time. Also, suppose you feel shyer or anxious in public places and can not express yourself. In that case, the Blue Apatite is ideal for unblocking the throat chakra and give you self-confidence no other therapy can provide.

Is Blue Apatite Safe Stone to Wear?

Fortunately, the Blue Apatite does not have any ill effects on the wearer. However, if you are a beginner, the sensible way to start using any stone is by placing it under the pillow. You will experience many vivid or wild dreams, but that’s okay for a start.

Also, it is a relatively sensitive stone as compared to others. So, wearing it in a ring or bracelet may expose it to the danger of scratching. Better to wear it in a necklace to keep it safe for more extended use.

Also, knowing the meaning and purpose of the gemstone is necessary to introduce yourself to therapy and its treatments. It might prove to be a great jewelry piece for attraction and standing out in the crowd, but its effects must also be observed.

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